Friday, January 29, 2021

KCLS Library 10 to Try 2021

KCLS Challenge: Ten To Try -- SUCCESS

Progress:  10/10

King County Library System

Once again my fabulous library system is hosting their Ten to Try Challenge where you try to read books fitting ten categories, and if you succeed, you win happiness beyond compare. Also you get a button. I love my buttons. Finally, it's an excuse to create a list on the library home page. Lists! Buttons! You see how easy it is for the library to give me happiness.

I'll keep a list -- I can't make it public until it gets a few entries (which didn't happen until March) but I'll keep updating this post. 

Anyway, this years challenge categories are:

  1. Read a book that makes you laugh Talisman Ring, Georgette Heyer 4/3/2021
  2. Read a book with non-human characters Cog, Greg Van Eekhout 1/6/2021
  3. Read a book about the future Shadows In Death, J.D. Robb 1/16/2021
  4. Read an epistolary novel (written in letters) Piranesi, Susanna Clarke 6/21/21
  5. Read a book by a Black author Punching the Air, Ibi Zoboi & Yuseff Salaam 2/13/21
  6. Read a book published this year Wild Sign, Patricia Briggs 3/21/21
  7. Read a book about pop culture Take a Hint Dani Brown, Talia Hibbert 1/28/21
  8. Re-read an old favorite : Penrics! Finished reread of Lois Bujold's series 4/7/21
  9. Read a book set where you were born Class Act, Jerry Craft 3/15/21
  10. Read a book recommended by staff Persephone Station, Stina Leicht 8/7/2021

Maybe I'll try using the hashtag #10totry when I tweet the book. Probably not, because I usually read the book first and then try to see if it fits.

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