Thursday, July 30, 2009

Certified Silly

Once Upon A More Enlightened Time is a collection of fairy tales told in a parody of "politically correct" speech, with changes to the ending to reflect these more egalitarian virtues. So "wommon" are liberated and not fixated on phallocentric dehumanizing modes of dress, and so on. Most of James Finn Garner's stories are predictable, but then so were their originals. It seems more a sympathetic poke at extremes of language and superficial fixes for real problems, not a real polemic against the scary ideas that racism is bad and women are people too. I smirked several times but never laughed out loud, so if you know me you can fit that against my humor meter.

Another very short book so that I can clear off the low-hanging fruit in my to-read bookcase. Ideally I will soon fit all the kidlit books stacking in front of that bookcase on its shelves.

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