Saturday, July 11, 2009

Seattle Vampires

Harper Blaine likes working for herself, enjoys playing with her ferret, and relishes meeting handsome, interesting men. As a private detective, she spends most of her time checking records, hanging out in the right places to spot run-aways, and occasionally meeting the target who takes things a bit too seriously. A violent encounter with a small-time fraud who escalated to big-time assault brings her to the brink of death, so close to dying that afterward she finds herself accessing the Grey, the supernatural side of life, which unfortunately makes the ratio of dangerous encounters to dull ones far more readable and far less comfortable.

This is a gritty but not dark urban fantasy book, with vampires that are mean and dangerous, although the new ones haven't learned that trick yet. Ghosts and witches have powers for good or evil, and handy maverick jack-of-all-trades Quinton knows a suspicious amount of this stuff. Convention decrees that he's a were-wolf, although he hasn't admitted it yet.

I liked Harper -- she has a lot of common sense and stubbornness that helps her deal with the strange things happening. I like how her relationships with normal people are affected by her changed state. I enjoyed Kat Richardson's _Greywalker_, and I'll be looking for the next in the series soon. A-.

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