Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post-Apocalypse For Kids

It's a bit of a cheat to call H.M. Hoover's Orvis a post-apocalypse book, since it is so far after the crisis that the two kids in the books attend a posh boarding school. But there is still the wilds of the big Empty, where people not lucky enough to have access to the space colonies and Mars colonies and far distant stars tend to stagnate and turn strange.

H.M. Hoover often pairs her young protagonists with an older mentor; in this case it is ORVIS, an obsolete robot ordered to junk itself because the adults are afraid of its independent programming. The kids befriend it and decide to try to find it a new home; both Toby and Thaddeus know what it is like to never have a real home. The blend of self-reliant orphans with science fiction plots with robots and future societies is a winning combination; I haven't read a bad Hoover book yet and this is even better than average. B+.


kmitcham said...

Sounds like ORVIS and WALL-E should get together and hang out.

Beth said...

ORVIS and EVE maybe. He's quite powerful.