Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Series Books Need Numbers

I meant to pick up the second book in Sienna Mercer's vampire-twin series, but instead I read the third -- Re-Vamped! As there were no numbers and they all all apparently written in the same year, I was going by the description in the back. This is the book where the girls tell their parents about their discovery. In my naivety, I thought that must come right after the book where the kids find each other. I mean, if my boys find their long-lost vampire twin brothers, I hope that they feel they can tell me. Like, maybe, before they tell the reporter for the school newspaper. Maybe. In case you were wondering, you should read Fangtastic, the one with where they tell the newspaper, before you read this one with the parental notification.

Anyway, after a few bumps for me to realize that the boyfriend and the school were in on the twin thing (but not the vampire thing) I got into the swing of the book. The reaction of Olivia's human parents to their new goth friend (I'm not sure what the technical term is for twin-sister-of-your-adopted-daughter) is funny, especially to me as a parent as I can see trying to adopt goth ways to make this girl feel at home, and I can see my kids crawling under the furniture in embarrassment as a result. Ivy's vampire dad is less enthusiastic, and when the other vampires figure out that Olivia is in on the big secret of their existence, there is blood to pay! Well, metaphorically. B- again, good for 3rd - 6th grade.

Now I have to go read the second and grump about the lack of numbers on a series book. I hate that! I mean, it's not like these books don't have series all over them, and things change in the books, so why make it so hard to read them in order? I should have looked online, instead of at books themselves. I could have asked my son; he knew the correct order, although he read #2 first, then 3, then 1. That's how we acquired them. There is a #4 floating around somewhere, so I hope a Scholastic order form in the fall gives us a chance at them.

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kmitcham said...

Yeah, I hate that too. Almost as bad as not marking the book as part of a series.