Sunday, July 12, 2009

It Wasn't My Fault

So, next month the book club is experimenting a bit, reading two books. One of them is Micah, by Laurell K Hamilton. This is actually a fairly good introduction to the Anita Blake series, as it a short novella that demonstrates some action scenes, sex scenes, and relationship scenes in the style that make this series so, um, special.

The action scene is in the cemetery where she raises a deceased witness for the FBI. Anita is one of the best animators in the country, although she consistently leaves her common sense in the car. So we get to see her filling with power and not bothering to see if anything is going on or different from usual, until the zombies go crazy and the bullets start flying.

I also like her constant complaints that no one takes her seriously as a female officer, but she never figures out that maybe if she wore a skirt that came somewhere close to her knee people wouldn't constantly assume that she sleeps around on the job. And, uh, if your lipstick can smear all over your face and your sweetie's, maybe you applied it just a leeeetle on the heavy side. You know, for working with the FBI and all. Relationship angst here involves a hilarious discussion of the stereotypes men with large endowments (and I'm not talking trust funds here) must grapple with, before moving directly into the bedroom. If you find yourself throwing this book across the room in stunned disgust multiple times, than you are not ready for the full-sized versions, which feature much more complicated sex and extended action and relationship trauma.

I have no idea how to rate this, as I do not read them as books, more as ironic textual art.

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