Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wouldn't Want Her Dating My Brother

Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch tells the story of Sarah, a Southern girl who learns but tries to reject the code of the Camelias. She escapes to New York, where she chases pleasure and misses happiness, occasionally returning home to reassure herself that she is always better off away from her origins.

One reason Sarah rejects the code of the south is that she fails in the basic requirement of women -- landing a husband. Yet watching her stumble through bad relationships and quick affairs I realized that if she were dating my brother I'd light candles in the hope that she would go away. When the final chapter gives her a brief look at a possible mate, I found myself urging him to run far and fast, because I don't believe having a baby can instantly cure selfishness. Crouch's writing is limpid and luscious, lending the air of the south to the rhythms of Sarah's life. I prefer books where I can root for the protagonist, but Crouch gives us a clear picture of a deeply flawed woman.

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