Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Son Defies Stereotypes

My son is reading these vampire books by Sienna Mercer. Pure middle school, and not unusual for a fifth grader (fourth when he read them), except that the books are about two twin girls. He's been getting them from the Scholastic order forms; the first one was a $1 special -- I'll order just about anything for a buck. But he liked it enough to get the others, so to celebrate his imminent return I picked up his copies and read them.

The first book, Switched, introduces Olivia, new girl in town and pretty in pink. She meets Ivy, one of the many Goth kids at school, and they soon notice that they look exactly alike, except Olivia is tanned and Ivy is translucent. Oh, and Ivy is a vampire. They compare notes to figure out they are twins separated in infancy. They play around with switching places, and find they can fool almost everyone -- even Ivy's best friend only figures things out when Olivia takes more than a few seconds to heal a scraped knee. The girls deal with planning a party, making a new boyfriend, and cheerleader tryouts while celebrating their new-found sisterhood.

Both kids are nice -- they stand up to bullies, apologize for rudeness, and try to respect their parents even when displaying the mandatory embarrassment of an teenager. I probably wouldn't have picked these up by myself, but I enjoyed them, especially with the delicious knowledge that my son approves. Take that, all you conventional knowledge about how boys won't read books about girls! B-; appropriate for elementary through young middle school.

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