Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Take Another Chance Challenge

I enjoy deferring decisions. If I have six rooms to clean, I might roll a die to see which to start in. I choose music in the car by sending pre-literate kids off to the library CD shelves to bring back spoils. (Their selections are definitely changed now that they are, in fact, literate. I may need to start blindfolding them.) So this challenge seems right up my alley.

Find Your Next Book Here has designed 12 challenges in all, and all have you pick books in a sideways kind of manner, from Challenge one, based on books whose author's name echoes yours, through blogroll roulette (2), and books by members of the same family (11). This sounds like fun! I'll start out on the baby level, A Small Gamble (3 of 12).

Challenge Five looks pretty easy: Title Word Count. I pulled the number two out of the generator, and top book on my library stack was a two-word title: Wanting Mor. I'm off!

I think I'll do Challenge 9 next: Same Word, Different Book. I have two books called Fire handy -- perfect!

Challenge 1 is also complete now, with Elizabeth Moon as my doppleganger. Oath of Fealty was a great continuation of the story begun in the Deed of Paksenarrion. That's the baby level! The next level, moderate, would mean three more.

Hmm, this is getting complicated. I'm going to list all the challenges on the bottom, and keep track up above.

Challenge 1: Read Your Doppelganger

Challenge 2: Blogroll Roulette

Challenge 3: 100 Best Book

Challenge 4: Prize Winner Book

Challenge 5: Title Word Count

Challenge 6: Genre Switch-Up

Challenge 7: Break A Prejudice

Challenge 8: Real and Inspired

Challenge 9: Same Word, Different Book


Challenge 10: Become A Character

Challenge 11: All in the Family

Challenge 12: Author Anthology Pick

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