Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lalala-- Library Thursday

You know, if I read four library books each week, that would be a lot. Because I have some books at home I like to read as well. And if I go to the library each week and check out ten books, and then read four, and then sneak off to the library accidentally on some other day, well. What we have here is a word problem that I should submit to my third grader. Unfortunately, he's asleep right now, and so I shall chronicle my latest trip to the halls of pleasure.

Once again it was me and four kids, children carefully primed with our destination. Although there was a bit of confusion as to where Library Behavior should start (hint, if you are standing in the open door to the library, then yes, shouting is Right Out), everyone seemed to be ready to rustle some reading. From the hold shelf I got:
  • Animusic, a DVD of music animation recommended by my third grader. It was a bit of a disappointment to the first grader, who was hoping for the long-awaited Transformer video. Apparently robots playing musical instruments do not qualify.
  • The Lion and the Mouse, a picture book by Jerry Pinkney, recommended by Bookie Wookie, a great blog by a dad and his kids.
  • Ignis, a picture book by Gina Wilson, also from Bookie Wookie
  • Muslim Child: Understanding Islam through Stories and Poems, a kiddie book by Rukhsana Khan, because I liked her Wanting Mor
  • Stormbreaker, by Anthony Horowitz, the first in the Alex Rider kid spy books, recommended by a friend
  • The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers, by Lilian Jackson Braun, because I like beating my eyeballs against a wall
  • Soulless, by Gail Carriger, because it is recommend all over
  • Academy 7, by Anne Osterlund, a YA which I found recommended somewhere while on the new comment challenge
  • The Year of the Bomb, by Ronald Kidd, ditto only more kiddie than YA
See, I'm in good shape here. You can only really count four (OK, five, I almost forgot the Kidd book) of those books, so I'm not falling behind. We are ignoring the 2 CDs I forced my sons to choose. And I didn't get any other books, because of my iron will (and because of the unfortunate misunderstanding about the promised purchased of some crackers and my forgotten wallet, and whether or not I should drop everything and race off to get it or whether unnamed people should express their disappointment by lying on the floor and wailing like a siren before being hastily and bodily removed). So we skipped the second library again! See how good I am at limiting myself!

Unless you count the books I somehow acquired a few days ago, when I stopped by to drop off some books that were due:
  • Banana Heart Summer, by Merlinda Bobis
  • Enigma, by C.F. Bently
  • Free Fire, by C.J. Box
  • The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year, Vol 2. Which year, I wonder.
  • You Had Me at Good Bye, by Jane Blackwood
These books are all from the B column of shelves at the library. I've given myself a mini-challenge of reading a book from each shelf, starting with fiction. I started last year, but paused because of an outbreak of sanity. I seem to have recovered, thank you. Oh, and somehow I also got two more books from the recommended snare pit:
  • A Person of Interest, by Susan Choi
  • Irreligion, by John Allen Paulos (for obvious reasons to people who know us)
And I forgot the books I checked out for Number One Son:
  • Sonic Hedgehog, Volume 4. It seems very odd to see Sonic the Hedgehog and the words "volume 4" on the same line. The mind boggles.
  • Shadow Puppets, by Orson Scott Card. Somehow missed last week. Probably due to the max-ed out hold limit.
Total items out: 93 (according to Library Elf, my overdue fine savior). Hmm, I seem to be moving backward. Oh well, they are probably all picture books, right?

I'll go sign up for Reading Adventures' Library Loot this week. That's where bloggers can share their library finds of the week.

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Z-Kids said...

"Trip to the halls of pleasure"

Great description! Our library visits are the highlights of my week :)

- AZ