Friday, January 21, 2011

Cybil One: Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa

My first Cybils book was from the Early Reader Category: Erica Silverman's Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa Spring Babies, with illustrations by Betsy Lewin. This is the sixth book about these hardworking friends, but my first.

It was cute, but nothing really shone for me.  The girl and her horse work nicely together, the Kate keeping them focused while Cocoa prefers a little extra snoozing.  Cocoa was deeply suspicious of Kate's new puppy, reacting as a typical literary older sibling with jealousy instead of anticipation, but he quickly got over it and the world was nice again.  The pictures were nice but not memorable; I have a much clearer vision of the cows in Lewin's Click Clack Moo from last year than the horse of last night.

My sixth grader thought it was probably all right for little kids; he read the whole thing when I left it on the breakfast table. My fourth grader has been very tired at reading time lately; he can't keep his eyes open for more than one chapter, so clearly it's not gripping him.  Cowgirl Kate has not replaced Mr Putter in our hearts (that sentence will only make sense to Early Reader readers).

Disclaimer: For the Cybils Challenge, I'm trying to link my Amazon through the Cybils page, not my Amazon account.  If it works, and someone actually buys something, I think the miniscule kickback goes to them.  As far as I know no one has ever bought something through me, but Amazon lives in hope and continues to provide me with easy links.


Alex said...

Aren't kids really the best measure of what is good and what is? It is one I may avoid for my early reader nephews, I think, and find something more interesting.

Jenners said...

I knew I recognized the illustrator's name! Thanks for saying why! I'm not sure this would be a hit with my son.