Monday, January 10, 2011

Cybils Challenge

I'm going to do Melissa Wiley's 2010 Cybils Shortlist Challenge, which should give me good kidlit for the next few months at least.  I'm borrowing her checklist although I may also check out listography, because it seems right up my alley.  Right now I'm just copy/pasting, and I don't think I've read ANYTHING, so ignore any italics I forgot.  My first pile from the library just arrived, so I hope that changes soon.  I'll double check this list over at the Cybils page if I have any questions.
Early Readers !DONE!
Chapter Books DONE!
Middle-grade SFF DONE!
Fiction Picture Books !DONE!
Middle-Grade Graphic Novels !DONE!
YA Graphic Novels !DONE!
Middle Grade Novels !DONE!
Nonfiction MG/YA !DONE!
Nonfiction Picture Books !DONE!
Poetry DONE!
YA Fiction !DONE!
TOTAL: 76 books My running tally: 76!
I'm Done! I'm Done!  The * show our winning choices, which don't always map the the judges' choices.

In other news, I've kept up with the commenting challenge, and the first book from the Michigan Notable books arrived today.  So I'm not falling behind!  Go me.


Ms. Yingling said...

There are a lot of good books on this list. I think you will enjoy the challenge!

Jim Randolph said...

Great list! For some reason I can't read from a list or I start to hate it, but this looks like fun. Enjoy!

Lindsay N. Currie said...

Oh my gosh! What an impressive list for 2011. I hope you blog some reviews of your faves:)

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Okay, I get it now. This is based on Melissa Wiley's challenge, right? There isn't an official link-up, is there? I have such a hard time finding titles at my cash-strapped libraries! :-(

Beth said...

Yes, you just sign up in the comments. No linky. It seems more personal that way.