Monday, January 17, 2011

TwentyEleven Challenge

The TwentyEleven Challenge

I don't think I have a firm understanding of what the word "challenge" means. I like to sign up for ones that I'll probably do accidentally anyway (like the ABC challenge, which I may sign up for again this year). Or ones that just nudge me to pick books a little bit differently, or to try things I might not try without them.  Definitely not ones that make me work hard or anything.

Bart's Bookshelf is hosting a TwentyEleven challenge, with a goal of reading 20 books spread among eleven categories.  You can pick which categories get short-shifted.  I'm not sure what he'll do in the year 2021, unless you just get to skip a category completely.

His categories (link goes to his list of reviews) are (and hopefully I'll keep a list of what I use for these categories):
  1. To YA or not YA (probably means not for me, so Adult Fiction books)
  2. With a Twist -- twist up a favorite genre.
  3. Hot off the Presses (2011 publish date)
  4. It Wasn't Me -- book recommended by a blogger, with the post that did you in
  5. Show It Who Is Boss:  Books from the TBR pile
  6. Bablefish -- translated book
  7. Will-Power? What will-power?  Book bought new in 2011
  8. Mind the Gap -- finishing up a series
  9. Back In the Day: a re-read
  10. Way Back When -- book written before my birth
  11. Slim-Pickings -- novellas (90-150 pages)
Total: 20! Books In other challenge news, I'm current on the Comment Challenge, and have checked out books but not started them for the Cybils and Michigan ones.  Both kids read the MG graphic novel (Athena, Grey Eyed Goddess) and gave it thumbs up, though.  I like my new habit of storing challenge books next to their computer.

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Beth G. said...

I'm not doing so well on my challenges, so it's probably for the best that I never signed up for TwentyEleven.

I *will* complete Off the Shelf! I will! I will!