Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Library Restraint Last Thursday

On Monday the kids and I had our first official library run of the year.  We saw two other families also on their runs, both with better behaved children.  P stomped about because he wanted to stay in the car, admiring the icicles on the freezing road.  A wished to stay with him.  N threw tantrums at the lack of perfect movies and how P kept LOOKING at him in an unwanted way.  X lurked about and gathered up DVDs, but I made him put them on his own card so I'd stay happily under my limit.  And I only got one thing, from the hold shelf.

I got:
  • Image of itemThe Half-life of Planets, a YA book featuring a kid with autism (maybe Asperger's, I forget) for a lighter step in my research program

    • Image of itemA Healthy Distrust, a CD picked out by A because she thought she'd get tired of a week of only Zevon.  Unfortunately, this one is even more inappropriate for children so I'll only listen to it when alone and continue forcing the kids to appreciate true art.
    I'm off to sign up for Library Loot, the weekly chance for us library types to compare our catch.  This weekly event is hosted by either Claire from The Captive Reader or Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader (this week's host).  I have only 38 things out from the library (plus ten more on the kids' cards, but those aren't for me.  And some of the stuff on my card isn't for me either.)  I'm saving up to get my next batch of picture books for Reading My Library, shelf by shelf.


    Charlotte said...

    goodness, that is restraint-ful! That's a book I've been meaning to find myself--it looks interesting.

    and I am rather tired of my own kids at the moment...I hear you on the LOOKING part...

    Beth said...

    Last year I don't think I ever pulled my library list under my age, so I'm very excited about managing it (it helps that I'm getting older). But I'd better read fast, because I have nine books waiting on the hold shelf already, courtesy of the Cybils.

    Pen and Ink said...

    Whenever I get depressed, I go to the library.
    Book Challenged

    Lindsay N. Currie said...

    Ah, you've inspired me to drag the kids to the library much more often. It really is a nice way to spend time, especially in the winter when the weather isn't cooperating:) Lovely blog, I just stopped in from the comment challenge and have enjoyed it!

    Amy LV said...

    Oh, this has me thirsty to get back to the library. It has been a few weeks... For a very long time, I didn't go at all due to my fears of the large fines I'd accrued in the past. But one lovely librarian said, "Oh, we looove people like you! You help us buy new books." Then, I felt better. Thank you for this great library post.