Tuesday, March 8, 2011

10,000,000,000,000,000 Can't Be Wrong: Ants

National Geographic Readers: AntsP and I had a fun time reading Melissa Stewart's Ants, a finalist in the Cybils Easy Reader Category. First, I correctly identified the number quadrillion, even before I looked at the next page which explained it. SCORE! Then when we read about the fungus gardens of the leafcutter ants, I pulled out that always-funny joke about what to say when you see a mushroom (There's a fungus among us!) and then there was a riddle on the top of the next page with the same punchline! Clearly Stewart and I went to the same kind of high quality educational facilities.

But the text was clear, the extras worthwhile, and the pictures fascinating. P and I agree that this is our favorite Easy Reader so far; I'm going to try it out on my actual Early Reader N and see if he agrees.

PS. The Amazon link hopefully rewards the Cybils people, if you want to buy the book. It's a great $4 value.

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