Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dragging My Feet: Shapechanger's Wife

Anyone who knows me knows I sometimes take forever to finish a book. I'll be reading ten or eleven books, and a few just hang out in the reading pile while the bookmark occasionally quivers forward. Sometimes it's a question of time, sometimes I'm bored and don't really care, but many times it's that I like the characters and I don't want to see what mean thing the author is going to visit upon them next.

In Sharon Shinn's The Shape-Changer's Wife, the situation was a bit different. I loved the characters, and I thought a happy ending would ruin the book. Yet it's a YA book, so I worried it was doomed to have a happy ending. I loved the relationship between the geeky Aubrey and the aloof Lilith but I couldn't see how they could get together without being false to themselves. The suspense built by the growing menace of her twisted husband Glyrenden was heightened by my foot-dragging pace. But I'm glad I finally gathered up my courage to finish it, because not only did I get a grand fight scene, but the ended suited me perfectly. Oh sure, there's an epilogue, but it's clearly wistful thinking and not part of the story. A

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