Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Library Loot

I managed to read almost nothing this week, so of course I had to go to the library to get more books. I think I forgot to post my library haul from last week, which was too bad since it was a bit excessive, what with all the extra trips due to being gone for a library day.  This time I restricted myself to the stuff I HAD to get, since the library had put books aside for me.  My hold shelf overfloweth, you know.  Also, I wanted to go down the next row of shelves for my goal of reading a book off every shelf of the library, and we needed more music in the car.  We were reduced to the radio, which sometimes plays songs I don't like!  Or commercials, even.  The horror.

Also, N needed movies.  And X needed the next Ranger's Apprentice, but he was too lazy to go so P impersonated him and picked it up.

I got a few books from the hold shelf:
And six CDs: Kidz Bop 9 (on hold), Northern Lights, Ten, Beautiful Day, Born For You, and Invictus (soundtrack). 

And nine picture books from the row of shelves.

That brings me to 81 items out on my card, from 72 last week.  With the kids' stuff I'm up to a bit more, but that's hardly my fault, and still less than my grandmother's age.  I'm off to Marg's The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader (she's this week's host)  to sign up for Library Loot.  That's where all us library lovers go to compare our hauls for the week.


Cat said...

Don't know that I'd be able to keep track of some many so it's probably fortunate we're only allowed 20.

Great selection - happy reading!

Beth said...

Yes, that is frequently a problem. We have a library shelf, but not everyone respects it.

Linda said...

Stuff's on my tbr list. I want to read any book that has the line "It's a book, jackass." Awesome. Enjoy!

Bev Hankins said...

A great haul. My loot has been on the low side the last several weeks. Only two this time: