Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Kneebone Connecta To the: Bones

Well, who knew what intellectuals P and I were? Another nonfiction book has tickled our fancy, because we are all about the KNOWLEDGE.  And the pictures of ten foot femur bones of whales.

The next Cybils book I had was Steve Jenkins' Nonfiction Picture book finalist.  It's our favorite of this category, but also the first.  We loved the crisp pictures of the skeletons of all sorts of creatures, especially the fold out pages of the human body.  The final four pages are denser answers to specific questions, some of which we had asked during the main text -- why does it always say adult humans have 206 bones? Because babies have about 300.  We liked how each picture was of a real bone, and that Jenkins told us the scale involved (actual size, 1:12, etc.).  We did have one quibble -- does the chameleon's tongue really have bones?

A also enjoyed this book, despite a reluctance to start when she heard the subject matter.    She claimed to barely notice the words because the pictures were so awesome.  This one will be hard to beat.

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