Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yum: The Cow Loves Cookies

The Cow Loves CookiesThree thumbs up for Karma Wilson's Cybils Fiction Picture Book finalist, The Cow Loves Cookies. My fourth grader read it to me, clearly relishing the rhythms and repetitions. We liked the solid outlines of the illustrations against the white background, and the way the watercolors didn't feel the urge to rush towards the edges of the page. And we giggled at the final hook, which we didn't anticipate until the last pages. Why is it so handy to have a cow that loves cookies? Because she can provide the perfect accompaniment.

I just noticed that Wilson also wrote Bear Snores On, which is a big favorite next door. I'll have to offer this book to A and N (A liked it. N distrusted my selections too much to try it). But my house also agrees that it doesn't quite displace Chalk in our hearts.  A-

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kmitcham said...

SPOILER ALERT! way to give away the ending!