Saturday, March 5, 2011

Send Lawyers Guns and Money: Do Unto Others

Some books have themes, some have messages, and sometimes the difference is stark. I'd say that Michael Z Williamson's Do Unto Others has some strong messages (weapon safety is important, professionals do it better, don't trust penny pinchers) but no real theme. What it does have is characters doing their jobs while Williamson shows them at work. And since they work for a galactic security company, that's often fun for me.

This is the second book about Alex's elite team, and I've finally gotten all the players sorted out. They don't spend much time on introspection, other than young Aramis's occasional contemplation of the sexual charms of his employer or any other female type in the vicinity, but their actions manage to define them. I'm actually surprised at how unsophisticated they seem sometimes, but then I have experience with many galactic civilizations and they only know their own. None of them seem to be big readers, other than arms manuals. But the writing is crisp and the people fun, especially Elke (I think that is her on the cover), who always gets the biggest booms. I'll keep picking up Williamson's books, although I admit it's a bit of a guilty pleasure.  B

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