Thursday, September 24, 2009

R. the Magic Dragon, Lived By the Sea

Today is Wednesday, or was Wednesday, so Reading at the Beach has declared it "G" day. Unfortunately, none of the many books I have active bookmarks in start with the letter G, so I went back to my to-read bookcase and found a new one: Green Smoke by Rosemary Manning.

It's a Puffin book, which tells me I will probably like it. The font feels homey. I've had it for ages, and I think I even started to read it on a trip with my kids a few years back, but I got distracted. A girl named Susan goes to the Cornish beach for a holiday with her parents, and she meets a dragon who tells her stories of King Author and other magic stuff. They eat biscuits and buns and drink orangeade. R. Dragon is not as youthful as Puff, but I bet they'd get along. It's a quiet book, but lively and cosy. I'll put it out for my kids to read, although I suspect they'll find the cover a bit juvenile (mine is even worse than the one on the link above). B, good for old-fashioned elementary school kids.

(This post is also my homage to Mary of Peter, Paul & Mary)


gautami tripathy said...

It is never to late to post.

This books sounds like a good one for kids.

Here is my A-Z Wednesday post!

Anonymous said...

I've seen this book and thought about reading it.

Thanks for joining this week!