Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday Is Library Day

This Thursday I averted my eyes from all shelves at the Fairwood Library, and just picked up my stuff from the hold shelf. Then I dropped off the books at the other library. I'm trying to get my book pile down to a reasonable size. Good luck with that.

So, this week I brought home:

  • The Science of Fear, by Daniel Gardner, recommended by someone ages and ages ago, and which I'd better read quick because there is a wait list as long as my arm.
  • Underground, by Kat Richardson, the third in a series about a Seattle private investigator who sees ghosts. I've already started this with the library's digital version, but I prefer reading on paper than on my computer.
  • Sammy Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy, by Wendy Van Draanen, the third in a kidlit series about a seventh grader who solves mysteries and gets in a peck of trouble (I read this the day I got it, and I've requested the next one. And tonight I got my youngest started on reading the first. Go me!)
  • Queens: Portraits of Black Women and Their Fabulous Hair, by Michael Cunningham & George Alexander. This was recommended on the livejournal group 50books_poc, which challenges people to read 50 books by non-white people. I'm not officially signed up because I don't want to have to worry about what definition to use for "book," "person of color," or "read" but I have been trying to actively look for books that would qualify. This one sounded fascinating.
I'm now down to 24 things checked out of that library, which is great because that doesn't even include CDs or movies. Of course, I have a bunch of things from the other library, including two books that I haven't seen for a while, which isn't quite so good...


Kristen said...

I hope you find the missing books. If not, even though it pains me, I consider paying for them a donation to the library like for the library book I drowned this summer.

Beth said...

I have a vague memory of seeing them and thinking "I'd better put those away or I'll never find them again." Haven't seen them since, but I know they are around somewhere...