Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm Back: Resenting the Hero

Hello, long lost blog! I went out for a drive, and then I almost didn't come back. Actually, after my double vacation I went on a re-reading spree, which meant I wasn't reading new books, and I'm incorrigibly lazy. But now I have reformed!

book cover of  Resenting the Hero  by Moira J MooreThe book I have finally finished is Moira J. Moore's Resenting the Hero, a light SF book on a distant planet where geologic upheavals make life uncertain, until pairs called Sources and Shields used their cool powers to tame things. Lee is a Shield newly bonded with her Source, Taro, and not at all pleased with the fate that matched her with the infamous playboy as her teammate. The book is about them making friends, discovering the value in each other, and saving the world. Fun, but I found the first person distracting because Lee spends the whole book lying to herself in very obvious ways. It's not really an unreliable narrator, more "I wasn't going to let his annoying habits bother me, I thought as I ground my teeth." I'm hoping for less of that in the sequel, which I'll order from the library. B

What have I been reading instead of new books? First I reread the Sharing Knife books by Lois McMaster Bujold, then I reread a lot of her Vorkosigan books, then I reread most of the Liaden books by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. Liaden books are romantic space opera, with Liaden society all bound up in rules and fancy bows, and rough-mannered Terrans all confused by it, and deus-ex-machina turtles with their giant spaceships dropping by to save the day. All our favorite characters are space Pilots, with super-duper reflexes and math skillz, and everyone manages that most elusive of pairings, the Lifemating. The lucky characters also get to have green eyes. And magic.

I started with Fledgling (Liaden Universe) and Saltation (The Liaden Universe), which I hadn't read since they were published, and then went on to all the earlier books. Lucky for me there is another coming out soon.

I make fun of my joy, but I do love them. I hope Nova and Nelirikk discover their lifemate bond as soon as possible. And I hope they write that book about Theo and the old tech, and I believe that is Ghost Ship and will be out soon.

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kmitcham said...

I like re-reads.
I finished the second Benjamin Society last night. It was ok, but not as good as the first.