Friday, July 30, 2010

Library Thursday!

I dragged along a whole horde of neighborhood kids, who had a bit of trouble with the library=quiet concept, but when the fourth graders learned that a library card gave you computer access they converted. Also, A got the display case, which is now chock full of High School Musical collectibles. Next week X will fill the other case, probably with Pokemon delights. Clearly we are the cool library patrons!

We fled quickly, what with the novice library users screaming and running about and all.

My groaning hold shelf offered up:
  • Happy Hour at Casa Dracula for an online book club next month
  • Liaden Universe Companion, Vol 1. Part of my giant re-read program.
  • Midnight Sins, basic paranormal romance, I expect.
  • Leaving Paradise, last month's online book club book, delivered too late.
  • Bullet, another Laurell K Hamilton vampire fest. Very vampiry week.
  • The Hero Strikes Back, which comes after the previous Hero book.
  • Kidzbop 1. We are commencing a musical journey. Heaven help us.
Total Books from Library Elf (counting all the kid stuff that I'm legally responsible for even if I hope not to read it): 105. Stuff on my card: 66.

I'll go sign up for Library Loot this week. That's a weekly event hosted in turns by Marg's Reading Adventures (this week's host) and new co-host Clare at the Captive Reader where bloggers can share their library finds of the week. Some of them make me look restrained.


Mollie said...

I just got Leaving Paradise too. I'm still several books behind in the LKH Anita Blake series. I think I still have to read Skin Trade! Great finds! Enjoy.

Cat said...

Reminds me of some of my library adventures with grandchildren along.

Enjoy your loot!

Christine said...

Hi Beth,
I just have to tell you that I love this story of your library adventure with all those kids. Looks like it was a blast. And probably sounded like one, too! LOL!

We have Leaving Paradise on our YA bookshelf that my daughters and I share. I can't wait to read it. I just adored Perfect Chemistry and want to read more of Elkeles work. Did you read it yet?

I had to laugh at your comment about the other library looters around the blogopshere:
Some of them make me look restrained.

I agree! Sometimes I feel silly when I post the ONE book I borrowed, but oh well. I am the reader I am. What are you gonna do? :)