Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Guilty Eyes Have Got No Rhythm

Blah blah blah age limits.  Clearly a bad idea whose time has passed under the bridge and over the hill.  I mean, it's not like I'm going crazy or anything.  Music is important, and just because I'm checking out more than I'm returning doesn't mean that there is a problem here.  It's a slow trend, which is almost the same as a reversing trend.  And soon I'll start turning the music back in, and everything will be fine.

I barely even picked up my holds because of an unfortunate incident involving a foot impacting other people that not even loud shouts of SORRY could expunge, so we had a hasty exit that precluded extensive browsing.  It's very handy that the CDs are kept next to the hold shelf, indeed.

On hold was:
And not technically on hold (except the kidz bop) but practically sitting up and asking me to check them out:
  • Image of itemTrust Me On This, Jennifer Crusie. From the top picks, and really, this is for my sister. I'm sure she'll let me read it, though.
  • Image of itemOnce Upon a Royal Superbaby, from the new picture book sections.
  • Image of itemArt and Max, also new picture book.  
  • Image of itemKidz Bop 6. I recognize none of these songs. This was during my kids music and classical period.
Turning around, I grabbed 4 CDs from the middle shelf of the music section, so that we are listening to:
There will not be nearly as much singing-along in the car this week, I tell you.

Which brings my total to 48, which is actually the same number as last week. I must have turned in more than I remembered.  But at least one book isn't showing up on my list; I think the librarian forgot to scan it.  Or maybe she just likes me.  X is also over his limit, but he has the excuse that I made him check out a bunch of music for me.  The library loot button is at Clare's at The Captive Reader this week; I'll go sign in.

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Susan said...

the Crusie book really is for case anyone was doubting. But I had assumed she read it before telling me about it.