Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spooky: Ghostopolis

GhostopolisI'm still chugging down my list of Cybils nominees (hey, it it vaguely possible that I'll read one book from each category before they announce the winners!), and the latest up was the YA graphic nominee, Ghostopolis, by Doug TenNaple. A young boy who looks about twelve gets sucked into the land of the ghosts, and the ghost hunter who accidentally sent him there goes after him.

Garth meets up with his grandfather, Benedict Arnold, the ghost hunter, a bone horse, and other assorted allies and enemies. There are various themes of fatherhood, forgiveness, and renewal running around, but I was distracted by the harsh images. I'm not used to comics being so, um, ugly. It made me feel old. Also, the ending was a dorothy-in-oz click your red ruby slippers kind of thing, which made me feel old AND grumpy.

On the plus side, my 6th grader inhaled it in one long slurp.  C+

X: Confusing. When did the kid learn to use plasma? He just apparently could use plasma. What does he use to see out of?

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