Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Morning Is Like Monday Only Later

Well, it's not exactly Monday, but closer than I've been getting for the past few months.  Also, Monday didn't really count, since it was a holiday.  What have I finished in the past week or so?
What am I reading right now? A lot.
  • Toby Alone, Timothee de Fombelle (challenge book)
  • Emmy and the Home for Troubled Girls, Lynne Jonell (just because)
  • The Last House-Party, Peter Dickinson.  From my shelves.
  • Keeper, Kathi Appelt.  From the next library shelf.
  • I Now Pronounce You Someone Else, Erin McCahan. Cybils YA book, but so scary I can only read a few pages a day -- he's about to propose!
  • Buffy, Ballads, and Bad Guys Who Sing, ed by Kendra Leonard.  Essays on music in the Whedonverse.  My finisher award book.
  • Dakota Ambush, by William Johnstone. Or I would be reading this if I could find it...
  • and a bunch of books I'm poking at but not really making progress with.
What will I read next? I'm working the next pile of almost-due library books.  Speaking of which, since I am transitioning to a Thursday library day I dropped off some due books without checking out anything new, bring my current check-out list to 35!  I'm much older than that!  OK, that doesn't count the books I checked out on my nephews card because the library couldn't access mine during some database upgrade a few weeks ago, but it does count other books I checked out for my sons, so it evens out to me making my goal for the first time this year! Maybe I'll celebrate by buying myself some books.  Onto my challenges:

A-Z: 42/52. I can't believe I haven't read any books starting with "J" this year.
Cybils: 57/76. And I'm reading one more right now.
Global Reading Challenge:12/21. Hmm, this one clearly needs work.
Read Around the World: 21/20. Done!  Cheers!.
Science Book Challenge: 3.141/3.141... Done! And hey, Switch is sorta science. 
Stream: 3/3, 1/3, 3/3, 3/3.  I have to figure out how to register myself as done.
Take a Chance: 7/10. I have Room out for this.
20/11: 20/20. Done! 
What's In a Name?: 6/6.  Done!
Where Am I Reading?: 28/50. Stupid Dakota book is missing really really well.  Yick.

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