Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Status Check, Maybe on Time

Well, I just missed last week's Monday check-in, but this week I'm ready! It's a habit I want to get back into, so I can see what I've been reading.  This week I've finished:
Wow, the majority of books finished this week were nonfiction.  And adult books.

I'm currently reading:
  • One Door Away From Heaven, Dean Koontz.  I think this is the first Koontz I've read; it was a gift from the school bus driver.  I'm mid-way through.  Again.
  • Boiling Point, K.L. Dionne.  A South American book for my challenge.
  • Dazzled and Deceived, Peter Forbes.  From my TBR list.
  • Prophecy, T.C. Southwell (NOOK).  Free book from Barnes & Noble.
  • Split, Swati Avasthi (NOOK).  Library book on the Cybils list.
  • Heat, Nancy Holder  My finisher award book.
  • Traveling Mercies, Anne Lamott.  I'm in her druggie youth days, yawn.
  • The Terrorists of Irustan, Louise Marley.  They are going to get caught soon.
  • The Secret Duke, Jo Beverly.  Poke book.  They've just agreed to part..., maybe I should stop here.
  • How I Met My Countess, Elizabeth Boyle.  She's an idiot.  They broke up because they didn't talk.
  • The End of Racism, Dinesh D'Souza.  I disagree with most of his conclusions.
What will I read next? I'm trying to get those challenges done!  I have almost all of the remaining Cybils books from the library, and I'm trying to combine the alphabet and state books.  And work in the Globals.  Ack! 
A-Z: 45/52.  Need authors for Q, U, X, and Z, and titles for J, and Q.  Need to write up Z.
Cybils: 68/76. Just finished Zapato Power.
Global Reading Challenge:17/21. Need 1 Africa, 1 Australasia, 2 South America.
Read Around the World: 21/20. Done!
Science Book Challenge: 3.141/3.141... Done! And hey, Switch is sorta science. I should add that.
Stream: 3/3, 1/3, 3/3, 3/3.  I have to figure out how to register myself as done.
Take a Chance: 9/10. I have the last book at home. Still.
20/11: 20/20. Done! 
What's In a Name?: 6/6.  Done!
Where Am I Reading?: 34/50. I read a New Hampshire book and realized I meant to read a Vermont one.  Oops.  I need Alaska and Arkansas.  Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho and Indiana.  Also Maryland, Minnesota, North and South Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia.  


Marian Librarian said...

Haha, I am now less tempted by How I met my Countess

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I like your titles, even though they're unfamiliar to me! Enjoy!!

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