Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Golems!: The Trap (Magnificent 12)

Image of itemWhen zipping through titles on a shelf to pick the next choice for my Reading My Library quest, I don't give myself much time to pick each book -- I'm usually grabbing them five or six at a time. Finding a book I've been wanting to read already makes things even easier (unless I find two boooks...) So when I saw The Magnificent 12 #2: The Trap by Michael Grant, I snatched it. I know my kids had read it earlier, but I missed my change either because I was drowning in overdues or maybe the TBR Dare constrained me, but I felt lonely being the only one falling behind.

My favorite parts of this series are the racing around in modern times, so I was happy that the ancient history of the original 12 took a distant back seat.  Instead Mack and Jarrah (with bodyguard Stefan) round up the next batch of Magnificent Kids, burn some more holes in their credit card, and defeat Vikings,  Nine Iron and his minions, while dodging helpful inquiries from Mack's golem-back-home (he's my favorite -- Grant, more golem please!). It's goofy and light hearted even in the deadliest situations. I hope he writes some more.

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