Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rescue Dog in Canada: Star in the Storm

Star in the Storm
Joan Hiatt Harlow's Star in the Storm is one of the "dog" books I see elementary school kids reading fairly often, and a good teacher at our school is Ms Harlow, so I grabbed a copy off the shelf as part of my Reading My Library quest. It's a historical book set in Newfoundland in the early 1900s, where fishing and icebergs occupy most of the conversation. Also, it was short.

Renton LibraryMean people want to ban all dogs except sheep dogs, mostly on the lying say-so of the rich man's daughter.  This spells danger for Sirius, Maggie's big dog. She has to keep him safe from view while navigating the feud with the rich family, her dad's hope for his own fishing boat, and her cousin's illness. It's a cosy little story with enough danger and initiative to keep me occupied, and left me with a nice glimpse of life in Canada in the distant past. (I laugh because of how distant my fifth grade niece described it to me; she classifies anything from the 20th century as Dark Ages.)

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kmitcham said...

Newfies are awesome. Rus was a newfie.