Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Geek and Sundry Romance Books

Vaginal Fantasy HangoutAlthough I don't get television (no cable, no antennae), I do watch a few channels on my computer. I stumbled into Felicia Day's Vaginal Fantasy bookclub, which she then rolled into your Geek & Sundry channel (home of Table Top and other fine programming). Each month she and her three friends drink booze and discuss a book or two, with the books involving a female protagonist, usually some romance, and usually a fantasy or other genre classification. There's a goodreads group associated with it, and also local meetups around the world, although I haven't made it to any of those yet.

A Kiss at MidnightThis month they are reading Daughter of the Forest (main selection) and Deerskin (alt book). Deerskin by Robin McKinley is a powerful and haunting book that I've read several times already, and Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier was my real life book club's selection about a year ago, and I didn't feel like rereading either of those this month. But then they tossed in an alt-alt-selection for people who didn't want to deal with the serious themes of the first two choices, and I was in for A Kiss at Midnight by Eloisa James. (The theme this month was fairy tale retellings.)

I had a lot of fun with this retelling of Cinderella -- I liked the sly humor of the main character, I liked her contempt for but gentle treatment of the annoying lap dogs she gets stuck with, I liked her banter with the Prince character. The plot was silly, but since it was based on the fairy tale there was no real hope for any surprises there. The sex scenes were also fairly silly, although most of the time even the characters themselves were aware of that. (The final one, where they Reveal All, worked amazingly well for its plot advancement.) But for a light read it was just what I wanted, and definitely more fitting to my moods this month that the more emotionally real and powerful but depressing actual books for the club.

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