Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fun In the Sky

archangel's consortNalini Singh's Archangel's Legion  is the latest in her fun series about Archangels ruling the world, in particular Manhatten, and the sassy lady who marries one of the top ones. Singh is more famous for her Psy books, but for some reason I can't get into those. I do enjoy the Angel books, however.

Some of the angel book follow the paranormal romance pattern of romance, with the developing relationship of two new characters being the mainstay of the plot. My favorite ones however continue the political adventures of Elena and her boss-man beau, even though they are already married and devoted to each other. Instead the books focus on the power politics among the supernatural creatures, with this one finishing in a battle to the death of the world between our heroes and some really bad guys. Meanwhile Elena also figures out her marriage, her relationships with her still-human friends, and her connections to her half-sisters and estranged father. Lots of action, some sex, and an author who respects her characters but doesn't take herself too seriously.

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