Thursday, April 25, 2019

2019 KCLS Ten to Try Challenge


And the King County Library System is once again hosting their 10 To Try Reading Challenge, with a new podcast to help promote it. And since I'm all about the library, I'm signed up.

I even have a Library List chronicling my progress. Of which so far there is sadly very little, so you can't see it (lists can't be published until they hit 4 books). I think the only category I've accidentally completed this year is Children's Book. Although come to think of it, I did read a children's historical fiction book. And it was about an immigrant family.

Update -- As of mid-May I've crossed off four books and can publish my LIST! I think. Can someone let me know if that's right? It works for me.

I think I'll just declare everything read before April as off limits and start from here. So I'd better get started!

This year the Chosen Ten are:

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