Monday, November 30, 2009

Finished a Challenge!

Today is the last day of S Krishna's COYSChallenge, so I spent it hurredly adjusting my score. (20% of my reading had to be books I owned on October 1st). Final tallies:

Books Read: 46
From my shelves: 12 (not counting the one I bought in November)
  1. Flint, Louis L'Amour (Western)
  2. Lord Caldwell and the Cat, Joy Reed (Romance)
  3. Astro Turf: The Private Life of Rocket Science, M.G. Lord (Memoir & History)
  4. Fairest, Gail Carson Levine (kidlit)
  5. The Princess and the Hound, Mette Ivie Harrison (YA)
  6. Outlaws of Ravenhurst, M. Imelda Wallace (kidlit, Catholic style)
  7. The Noonday Friends, Mary Stolz (kidlit, Newbery)
  8. Kringle, Tony Abbott (kidlit)
  9. Star Trek 2, James Blish (SF/TV)
  10. Jip: His Story, Katherine Patterson (kidlit, Newbery)
  11. Left By Themselves, Charles Paul May (kidlit)
  12. Is Pluto a Planet?, David A. Weintraub (Science)
Percentage (drumroll please!): 26% I win! I win! I'd like to thank my parents, who I don't think know about this blog, and my agent, who is a figment of my imagination, and all my loyal followers (likewise fictional). And my children, who went to bed so I could quickly finish four books from my shelves and ensure my success. Not to mention bringing me a fork so I could eat pie in bed while reading the last Western.

Also, my family across the street, who gave me two of those books for my favorite birthday ever, and A-Z Wednesdays, which led me to the books for the weeks I, J, K, L, N, O, and P.

We will not look at what would have happened if I had been too busy to finish those last four books today. (19%! Failure! Didn't Happen!) And you can all count your blessings that I don't know how to rig this blog to play the theme from Chariots of Fire, let alone make it go all flashy and blinking lights.

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kmitcham said...

No loyal followers? What am I, chopped liver?