Sunday, November 29, 2009

Underground in Seattle

Kat Richardson's mystery series about a private detective who finds that her near-death experience lets her see ghosts has a solid protagonist and sturdy, twisty plots, but my favorite part is the thrill of place recognition. The books are set in Seattle, and Underground, the third in the series, lets even a geography challenged type like myself feel right at home. Well, in my brother's home, since she lives in West Seattle, but I spotted lots of places I could find if given enough time.

I like how Harper approaches even the most surreal problems with grounded common sense and pragmatism. Her love life is fairly straight-forward and she treats it in an adult way -- even when a relationship has insurmountable problems. That is a nice change from most paranormal series, where it's mandatory for the girl to waver for eons between two hotties. I like playing around with the werewolf trope, and I'm interested to see if Richardson sticks to her guns in the next book. These are fun mystery stories with a paranormal twist, but no vampire lovers.

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