Thursday, November 19, 2009

Library Haul, No Problem!

Sound the trumpets! I checked out no extraneous items today. Not only that, but we got no new music and no new picture books, because it's almost time for non-stop Christmas carols and my kids are going away for Thanksgiving week. I did have four books on hold, but most of them are kids books so I can probably read them very quickly the day before they are dueTechnically there are a few other books I checked out on my card, as well as a plethora of movies, but those were for my kids. Who are leaving on Saturday, so I'm not sure when they plan to watch these, but hey, not my problem. Things they got involving paper include:
  • Meteor shower messenger, by P.J. Rudi. I believe this is a Sonic the Hedgehog monstrosity.
  • Transformers : stormbringer / story by Simon Furman ; art by Don Figueroa. N likes the Transformer graphic novels. I don't imagine the stories suffer because he can't read yet.
  • Transformers animated : how to draw, by Sadie Chesterfield ; illustrated by Carlo LoRaso. I highly suspect N expects ME to master these, while I think it is time he stepped up to the plate. We'll see whose will is stronger. Better get good odds if you bet on me, though.
I am hoping not to read these books, although that hope may be unrealized for that last one.
I'll go sign up at A Striped Armchair to celebrate this day of glorious restraint. Oh sure, I was tackled twice by my burly offspring when they saw me heading for the new books section, but that's why I had kids, so it is all part of the Master Plan. My library list has me at 66, but that includes a stack of books I finished but didn't return because I haven't reviewed them.


kmitcham said...

Iron will triumphs!

Kristen said...

You have burly offspring? Somehow I can't see the toddler and baby I met in PA as anything but twiggy little things like my crew, but I'll take your word for it. ;-) And I am pleased as punch to have bullied you into picking up a couple of books at the library. My job here is now done.

Beth said...

P is like 48 pounds of pure burl. He has a burly mind.

Eva said...

LOL This whole post made me laugh. :)