Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Round-Up

What have I read? Which is a bit of a different question that what have I mentioned on this blog. In reverse order, since that is what I get from LibraryThing, I see:
Distressingly, only one of those is from my shelves; the others are all library books. I have one day left on the Clear My Shelves Challenge, and I think I need to read about three more shelf books. It's not a long list, but I also read a few hundred pages in other books without finishing them. I find Thanksgiving weekend to be rather distracting. Good food, though.

What am I currently reading? Well, from the library I have:
And I also have bookmarks in a few other books, ones without deadlines because I own them or borrowed them from people who won't hurt me:
  • Clutter's Last Stand. I seem to be reading this when I get the urge to clean. Actually cleaning would probably be more effective than reading about it, though.
  • Fairest. I'll finish this tomorrow to up my ratio.
  • The End of Racism. Lots of big words.
  • Dead to Me. Book I started at the airport while waiting for my children to drift by. Was I unreasonable in thinking "they'll come out on the first floor" to be a bit nonspecific about where my children would emerge from their transatlantic flight? The one that they took all by themselves? Thank goodness A remembered that we meet at the baggage claim even if you have no baggage, because the silly lady responsible for him kept trying to lead him goodness knows where. Anyway, I wanted a book that I wouldn't be too interested in, and this was perfect.
  • Whiskey and Water. All of Elizabeth Bear's books start slow for me, so I'm still nibbling a few pages here and there. Eventually I expect it to become all-consuming.


Kristen said...

So how is it coming for the Clear Off Your Shelves Challenge? ;-) Tick-tock...

Beth said...

Heh, I zipped over and finished off two books just now. I'll check to see if I have to do more number juggling. And I'll be careful not to finish any other library books...