Sunday, November 22, 2009

Serenity Found is Found

Serenity Found is the second book of essays about the crew of the Firefly and the 'verse they live in. This collection was written after the movie came out. It was edited by Jane Espenson with Leah Wilson. I found it a bit too much of the same thing; I read it too soon after Serenity Lost, the book written before the movie. I do enjoy the idea of reading essays about entertainment, so eventually I'll probably seek out more of the Smart Pop series.

Honestly, my best memory of this book is that I lost it for several weeks, allowing my household to revel in an endless series of jokes: Is Serenity Found lost? Did you lose Lost? No, I lost Found. I found Serenity Lost but lost Serenity Found. Hey, I found Serenity Found! Always funny.

It was in my kitchen, in case anyone was wondering. B-.

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