Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tiny Library Haul

Scheduling reasons force me to move my library day from Thursday to Monday; this long and complicated move takes several months to complete, as I tend to procrastinate on reading my library books until the week they are due. This means that during the painful process of transition I am often forced to go the library twice a week. Oh, the agonies of the brier patch!
On the other hand, I have almost 80 items checked out. At some point nasty reality intrudes. So I'm practically on a library fast, where I barely check anything out. Unless it's on the hold shelf for me. Or it's a picture book. Or I might need a bit more music...

This week we got a few picture books:
  • Best loved tales from Beatrix Potter. Turns out my P doesn't know Beatrix Potter, seeing as he was pre-verbal the last time I read them to him. Must fix that.
  • In our mothers' house, by Patricia Polacco. P's class is studying her, right after we accidentally read one of her books. So I got another.
  • When lightning comes in a jar, Patricia Polacco. And another.
  • When the library lights go out. I have no idea what this is about, but it seems to involve a library.
  • Bobby Bramble loses his brain
  • Sloppy Joe
  • Sugar Would Not Eat It. P picked out these three; I didn't even see them.
The hold shelf had a few goodies for me. And for my nephew:
  • Transformers Armada. Battle for the mini-cons [videorecording]
  • Transformers. Season two, volume one [videorecording]. This four DVD extravaganza may require him to take a leave of absence from school, but he assures me it is worth it.
  • Poison Study by Maria Snyder. I've read this YA book about a girl forced to be the poison tester for a dubious king, and now my book club is reading it.
  • Storm Glass by Maria Snyder. Fourth in the series, but the first is the best.
So, the library shows me with 72 books out now, but I know it's at least down to 68 because the ones I turned in this evening aren't clear yet. I'm at least below my mother's age, if not at the official goal of my own age. I'll sign up for Library Loot at ReadingAdventures.

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Marg said...

I find the juggling of the library pile a bit hard at times too! Some days I am glad that there is an upper limit to how many items I can borrow because otherwise it might be easy to get a bit overwhelmed!