Sunday, June 6, 2010

Final Wrap-Up Post

48 Hour Book ChallengeOk, I'm done, and I'm home with a charged computer. Here are my final results:

Hours: 7pm Fri - 7 Pm Sunday, PST.
Read: 29 Hours
Blog (reading/writing): 2 Hours
Total: 31 Hours.
Which is higher than my 20 personal line, but I did a lot of neglecting of the caged children. I'd like to thank my sister for tossing them some bones and otherwise stepping up to ensure their continued health.

X (my son) 24 Hour Challenge Results (10:30 AM Sat - 10:30 AM Sun):
Goal: 6 Hours
Achieved: 4 Hours.
But he also spent about 8 hours whining about not getting the book he wanted to read, which I have refused to count in his total. It is possible it only seemed like that much, but then I was too busy reading to pay much attention. He also read for another four hours later on Sunday, but I wouldn't let him count that either.

Books Read (me):
Remember that my goal this year was to clean up my currently reading stack, so most of these had bookmarks about a third in when I started.

* Steering the Craft, Ursula Le Guin. Nonfiction. (Chapter 3)
* Powers, Ursula Le Guin. YA (Chapter 9)
* The First Part Last, Angela Johnson. YA. (p. 70)
* The Broom of the System, David Foster Wallace. Fiction. (Chapter 13)
* Embers, Laura Bickle. SF. (Chapter 8)
* Lament, Maggie Stiefvater. YA (p.4)
* Stolen, Kelley Armstrong. SF. (p. 282)
* Positive Discipline, Jane Nelson. Nonfiction. (Chapter 11)
* Snakehead, Anthony Horowitz. kidlit. (Chapter 9)
* Suite Scarlet, Maureen Johnson. YA. (Chapter 2)
* The Cinderella Deal, Jennifer Crusie. Fiction. (all)
* Boys Adrift, Leonard Sax. Nonfiction. (Chapter 4)
* Heart of Gold, Sharon Shinn. SF. (Chapter 7)

Total pages: 2, 531.

I also pushed bookmarks forward in The Privilege of the Sword, Whiskey and Water, Dead To Me, and The Pioneer Woman Cooks (a very refreshing change of pace!) for 284 more pages, so my grand page total was about 2815 (I also read a few magazine, you know). I deliberately read books I've been putting off, so I'm quite happy with the pile of bookmarked-books left on my bedside table -- most of the stuff I've been dreading is gone so I'll stop avoiding the pile. Next year I'll make sure I have a few audio option available for any driving (or housework) I can't avoid, and I'll have colorful stopwatches to entice more of the kids.

Anyway, 13 books finished + 31 hours read means I'll send the library a check for $44 dollars. X read four hours and finished one book, so I raise it to $49.


MotherReader said...

Great job! Thanks for playing!

kmitcham said...

cool. I haven't read like that for ages. Occasionally I get a good book that sucks me in, but I come up for air after that book.