Saturday, June 5, 2010

Three! Four! And X Starts off!he

I48 Hour Book Challenge woke up and finished Snakehead (Alex Rider Adventure)by Anthony Horowitz. This book has been lingering for weeks, mainly because X always steals it to reread when he sees me reading it. Alex Rider continues to use his ingenuity and memory to defeat bad guys at their own games, and this time to also reveal some more of his Tragic Past. In other good news, the next book in the series is almost at the top of our library queue, so I should get to read it at the perfect interval -- not so soon that the formula annoys me, not so long that I've forgotten Where We Last Saw Our Hero.

Then off to piano lesson, dragging my sons, one of whom complained bitterly at leaving the house so early on a Saturday morning (9:55 AM). I polished off the last few chapters of Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson, which I was reading as part of a parenting class but I skipped the final assignment (I passed anyway). This helped me deal with complaining child in a much more mature fashion, and we left in a better mood. We stopped at Target on the way home, but I read through that while younger kid shopped and kept me from walking into walls.

X stayed in the car reading -- he has officially joined in, but only in the 24-hour version I offered to the kids. He is taking his first break, after 85 minutes of reading, starting at 10:30 AM, Saturday. I gave him my stopwatch timer, and hope I manage to keep track of my own time with only the kitchen version. X says his goal is 6 hours, which seems a bit underwhelming to me but Positive Discipline says he gets to make his own decisions even when they are wrong (where wrong is defined as different from me).

My next break will be to clean up a cat pee incident. Bleh.

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