Monday, April 30, 2012

The State of the Shelves

Every week Sheila at Book Journey invites people to report on what they read, what they are reading, and what they will read. I'm not very good at knowing what I'll read next, but I usually keep track of what I read and what I'm reading.

Also, at Teach Mentor Texts they do another roundup that concentrates on children's books, which this week includes almost everything. I wonder at what age I'll outgrow picture books?

I finished a few books:
  • The Naked Viscount (not a kids book)
  • The Ogre of Oglefort (kidlit)
  • Warriors: Omen of the Stars #4: Sign of the Moon (kidlit)
  • Vampire Academy (YA)
  • Child of Dandelions (YA, or older kidlit)
  • Stardust (could be a YA)
  • Earwig and the Witch (kidlit)
  • Dragonbreath #6: Revenge of the Horned Bunnies (kidlit)
  • Fish You Were Here (Pet Shop Private Eye) (kidlit)
  • The Ferret's a Foot (Pet Shop Private Eye) (kidlit)
  • And Then There Were Gnomes (Pet Shop Private Eye) (kidlit)
  • Thor: The Mighty Avenger, Vol 1 & 2 (could be YA)
  • Scarlet, Book 1 (I wouldn't call this YA, but the ALA does)
  • Wandering Son, Book 1 (YA)
  • Bigger Than a Breadbox (kidlit)
  • Zahra's Paradise (Again, I wouldn't call this YA, but it's on their list)
I reread some picture books this week, with a budding reader:
  • Mr Putter and Tabby Run the Race, by Cynthia Rylant. I share-read this with N, me taking one side and him taking the other, just as I used to do with P back in the day. He worked hard and determinedly, refusing to quit until he finished. Awesome N!
  • Mr Putter and Tabby Clear the Decks, by Cynthia Rylant. I read this to N afterward, and I'll share-read it with him in upcoming days. This is such an exciting thing to watch, a child becoming a reader! I showed N how the library labels these books as READERs on the spine, proof to him that he's joining that elite group.
I'm had an honesty fit about my currently reading list and included the audio books from the car as well as things I'm sneaking on the side. Three different kids have three different stories going in the car, requiring delicate judging on instances when I'm accompanied by more than one passenger. Of course, all audio books are re-reads for me, so it's easier to keep them straight in my head.
  • Misfit, Jon Skovron. (Cybils). The Big Bad is closing in on them.
  • Bunheads, Sophie Flack. (Cybils). This isn't due yet, so I put it back on the shelf.
  • The Galacteran Legacy: Galaxy Watch, Michelle Izmaylov. (RML) X stole this, but has returned it with a recommendation.
  • The Know-It-All, A.J. Jacobs. I've been meaning to read his books for a while -- a man who bases his life around various lists? Perfect.
  • The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance, Elna Baker. Next up on my to-read list. This is a memoir, not a novel.
  • The Wives of Henry Oades, Johanna Moran. From the TBR list.  First wife has been kidnapped by Maoris.
  • Where Things Come Back, John Corey Whaley. I think this is also a Best of the Best, so bonus!
  • Angelfall, Susan Ee. NOOK. (Cybils) Escape from the human resistance fighters! I keep reading the due-soon library books instead of this, since I own it.
  • Hexed. NOOK. I got it for the Ilona Andrews story.
  • Smart But Scattered, Peg Dawson & Richard Guare.  Where to start to fix things.
  • The Same Stuff as Stars, Katherine Paterson. More death. Angel never gets a break.
  • Honored Enemy, Raymond Feist & William R Forstchen.  Safe haven, for a few days.
  • Knight of a Trillion Stars, Dara Joy. He has kidnapped her. I guess that's romantic?
  • The Catholic Church in the Modern World, E.E.Y. Hales. The Pope's reluctance to accept the separation of church and state causes problems.
  • Close Range: Wyoming Stories, Annie Proulx. From the classics shelf of my to-read bookcase.
  • The Penderwicks on Gardam Street, Jeanne Birdsall. (Audio) Actually I snuck ahead and finished this a few weeks ago, but I'm enjoying it again with A.
  • Escape From Witch Mountain, Alexander Key. (Audio) X is the last to finish this, as he rarely misses the bus and so gets less car time. 
  • Ghetto Cowboy, G. Neri. (Audio) P is listening along with me. The city just took the horses.
What will I read next? I've made a pile of Best of the Best books next to a comfortable chair. The new Sookie Stackhouse comes out next week. But who knows?

  1. Cybils: 51/73.  Finished the last poetry book. 
  2. Global Reading Challenge: 12/21. Still need 5 American books.
  3. What's In a Name?: 5/6. Land formations are hard. I'm looking for a mountain book.
  4. Where Am I Reading?:  16/50. Need to review Massachusetts (I've read three), Montana and Hawaii books. And finish the Vermont and Wyoming books. Current for March, but I'd better get those 4 reviews up for the end of April.
  5. Science Book Challenge: 1.141/3.14159. Not much science happening around here.
  6. Reading My Library:  Almost caught up!
  7. Eclectic Challenge: 6/10. Well, 7, but I need to review one. Need a horror book now.
  8. Best of the Best: 5/25. I'm pretty much doomed. 

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