Sunday, November 22, 2009

More Sammy: Wild Cash

I have officially caught up in Wendelin Van Draanen Sammy Keyes series, with the addition of Sammy Keyes and the Wild Things and Sammy Keyes and the Cold Hard Cash to my have-read list. Both were enjoyable, although the author is definitely running out of exciting things for Sammy to do, and the resultant strain on my credulity is severe. She hasn't met assassins or immigrant smugglers or even aliens from outer space yet, so maybe there are still room for more sequels.

I liked the idea of taking Sammy out of her comfort zone and into wilderness camping in Wild Things, and enjoyed watching Sammy wrestle with her conscience (best two falls out of three) in Cold Hard Cash. The best part of the series is still grounded in character development, primarily of Sammy, since her boyfriend Casey is too good to be true. Sammy is also a wunderkind, but we watch her struggle for it so I'll accept that in my protagonist. P is chugging along on book 3 of the series; we'll see if he has the stamina to go all the way.

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