Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Summary

Another week, another few books read. Although I also saw a movie, Zombieland, which was fun and silly. And I watched an episode of Stargate, so I'm all over the cultural literacy thing. Hip, even. Wave those jazz hands!

From my library collection, I have a few bookmarks still in:
  • Serenity Found. I probably would have finished this one, but I put it down somewhere. Kevin, is it in your car? I think it's somewhere in my kitchen...
  • The Prisoner Within. I wish this had been the one I lost. It's dragging a bit.
  • The Name of the Wind. It's a fun read, but the tones of impending epicness make it fairly easy to put down after a hundred pages or so.
  • What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. I'm enjoying this quiet memoir themed around long distance running, although I feel a bit of a fraud since my block is a long distance run for me.
This week I finished:
And thank goodness that was all, since I'm running out of adjectives that start with "i." Librarything says I read twenty two books in October, and I think that is more than I purchased. All finished books this week were library owned, because I can't fit my books into the library shelf, which is a Bad Sign. I hope to fix that by next week.

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