Monday, May 10, 2010

Another Challenge -- What's In a Name

I've found another challenge I want to sign up for, since I finished a few. Some of them I mentioned, and others I didn't, because I've fallen a bit behind. A bit. Cough cough. I blame No-Screens Week, because otherwise I'd have to blame myself. Back to the challenge.

The What's In a Name Challenge posts six categories, and you find books to fit each one. I'm planning to just read along and hope to accidentally hit them all, and if not I'll frantically search in November and December to fill out the holes. I like this plan because I've already hit a few books-in-one, and I've had my eye on this challenge because of those books. The six categories are:
  1. Food. The title of the book mentions a food. I read Banana Heart Summer, by Merlinda Bobis. I guess I should get around to reviewing it so it will count. I could use Tentacles, which is about hunting giant squid (yum, endless calamari), but that is cheating and anyway I didn't review that one either. I'll get something up so I can check this off.
  2. Body of Water. I first saw this abbreviated as "water" so I was planning on using Rain Is Not My Indian Name, but I guess not. Although Beth F, who hosts the challenge, used "waves." To avoid controversy, I will substitute Gary Paulsen's Caught By the Sea. Although I should promote it from a paragraph in a catch-up post to a review.
  3. Title, such as President or Queen. Such as, Conspiracy of Kings, by Megan Whalen Turner. Or Someday My Prince Will Come, mentioned in that catch-up post.
  4. Plant. Chalice of Roses, the romance anthology, fits nicely. It's in that catch-up post too.
  5. Place Name. Still missing!
  6. Music Term. When I read Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall by Kazuo Ishiguro, I knew I would do this challenge. It seems to be in that giant catch-up post too. I see a trend here.
Clearly the challenge for me here is in actually writing some reviews. I shall try! Thanks for a fun challenge, Beth F!

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