Monday, May 31, 2010

Cosy Werewolves: Silver Borne

cover imageWell, when I say cozy I'm obviously not referring to the machine guns, or the torture-by-fae-illusion, or the minor massacre in the bookshop that almost ended up with our heroine Mercy getting devoured by her best friend. No, Patricia Brigg's Silver Borne is cosy because I know the characters and their strengths, I enjoy seeing the developments in their friendships and rivalries, and while I worry a bit about the outcomes for some of the supporting characters, I'm sure Mercy herself will make it through. She doesn't even have to angst about her love life anymore, although I did get a bit too much of her love for her werewolf fiance.

I like the Mercy Thompson urban fantasy books, and I'll keep looking for more. B.

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