Sunday, May 30, 2010

Marching Along!

This plan of starting with picture books makes me feel like I'm making good progress already, merely because I checked out a handful of books. See, not only are the books very short, the bookcases are too. At this rate, I should finish by the end of the summer, unless I discover that moving into books with actual words slows me down.

P prefered to do puzzles and disappear mysteriously during library time last week, so I chose the books myself, but he's still willing to help me read them.
  • The Great Doughnut Parade, by Rebecca Bond. We both liked the energetic watercolors, and the progression of the pages from spare and white to crazy and colorful. The parade also moved from reasonable to crazy, with a quiet ending that charmed us both, and led to a new appreciation of the title page. This is a good book for bed time, since it leaves on a peaceful note but not one that screams "NOW I WANT YOU TO GO TO SLEEP."

  • The Good Little Bad Little Pig, by Margaret Wise Brown. Two thumbs up from P and me for this story of a pig turned urban pet. Sometimes he's good and sometimes bad. The part where I'm crying out "Hey, Emmett couldn't have a pig in the city" was lost by P, since he doesn't have a favorite book called Emmett's Pig.
  • You Bad Dog, by Lesle Baker. Lulu the little dog delights in getting Bridget the babysitting Carl's look-alike in trouble. Cute but not a classic.

  • Martha Doesn't Say Sorry, by Samantha Berger. Martha is a ground hog or something who speaks in pink, and doesn't say sorry until her family blackmails her into it. The illustations are grand; P and I both laughed at her expressions. I admit I was rooting for her to hold out; it was a bit sad when she capitulated and joined the ranks of polite society.

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