Friday, February 24, 2012

Ew?: Y The Last Man Safeword

Y: The Last Man, Volume 4: SafewordMy seventh grade son read the latest installment of Brian Vaughan's Y The Last Man before I did, and when I finally got around to reading #4 Safeword I found myself very uncomfortable. It starts with an extended scene about a very odd suicide intervention technique involving rape, bondage, unpleasant homo-eroticism, whips, and asphyxiation.  At the last minute the purpose of helping Yorick reclaim his desire for life pops out, so they don't actually have nonconsensual sex, but wow, did it make me turn the pages gingerly from then on. I've read dubious things with him before, but usually he's not the one out in front.

At least it made a lot of graphic violence seem almost safer, by contrast. Maybe? I have to admit that I'm losing my taste for this series, but X remains enthusiastic so I'll probably read the ones he brings home. Except he's getting them quickly and my TBR Dare prevents me from reading them.  Just as well, although as a parent I'm now a bit curious what's in them.  Geez, I guess the author started feeling funny about having a series about the last man on earth without any sex in it.  So suddenly there's all this very odd almost-sex.  Which my kid is reading without bothering to ask about it, which either means that he found it boring or that he's now old enough to find this stuff strange to talk about with his mom.

Heh, actually, I'm guessing it's the former, although the latter is probably also true.

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