Thursday, February 16, 2012

Go Global!

Last year I ended up scrambling to finish the 2011 Global Reading Challenge, but it was still a lot of fun.  So this year I looked around for another one, and found it at Mysteries in Paradise's 2012 Global Reading Challenge.  At the Expert level, it asks for three novels from each continent, with Antarctica as the seventh continent -- you can substitute books set off world for it.  I am of course back-dating all my reading so far, or at least the books that I consider real novels and that take place somewhere.  I'm going to try not to count books set in the US, so I'll probably count Central America as part of North America to give me some options, although I'll also look for books about American Indians that don't take place in the political United States.

Mysteries in Paradise pointed me to a map that shows where I've been (literarily speaking, not literally), which I shall attempt to reproduce here:

create your own visited country map
  1. Akata Witch (Nigeria)
    • The Other Side of Truth (Nigeria)
  2. Child of Dandelions (Uganda)
  3. CowTail Switch (Liberia)
    • The Big Tent Wedding Party (Botswana)
  4. Twin Spica 3 (Japan)
        • Wandering Son (Japan)
  5. Between Shades of Gray (Russia)
  6. Zahra's Paradise (Iran)
      • On the Island (Maldives)
      • Words In the Dust (Afghanistan)

  7. The Shattering (New Zealand)
    • Taken At the Flood (New Zealand)
  8. The Snow Pony (Australia)
  9. The Sex Lives of Cannibals (Kiribati)
  10. Europe
  11. Bindi Babes (UK)

  12. Anna and the French Kiss (France)
  13. Dragon Castle (Slovakia)

  14. North America
  15. Half World (Canada)

  16. Starfields (Mexico)
  17. Milagros, Girl From Away (La Brisos)
  18. South America
  19. Tales From Silver Lands (all over). This is a stretch as a novel, but it does have a tiny frame.
  20. Chucaro, Argentina
  21. Bringing the Boy Home (Brazil)
  22. Seventh Continent
  23. With a Single Spell
  24. (fantasy world)
  25. Mastiff (fantasy world)
  26. Orbital Resonance (outer space)


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