Saturday, March 29, 2014

Final Stretch! Book On the Horizon!

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badge-4There are less than 60 hours left in the Triple Dog Dare -- a Dare that I avoid acquiring books just because they look tasty. And I'm still standing.

I've even talked to people who have read the books that I wanted but couldn't get because of this dare. Of course, by "talk" I mean sat by them with my fingers in my ears chanting "LALALA." But I came home, fired up my NOOK, and then put it back down. At the library, I saw two book my my TBR list, and another book that I NEED for a challenge.  Exercising great will power (which, perhaps coincidentally, is the ONLY exercise I've done this week), I left them on the library shelves. The hold shelf kindly soothed my soul's irritation by handing me several Cybils books, but even there I'm restricting myself to post-bedtime Cybils time with them.

(The links for Cybils books go to the Cybils-Amazon page, rather than the library page, so you can support them if you want. And if I got the link right.)

The Lost Boy, Greg Ruth. The last of the Cybils young Graphic Novels.
RoseHolly Webb. I actually got this in both ebook & text form. Next Cybils young Speculative Fiction.
 The Rithmatist, Brandon Sanderson. Cybils Speculative Fiction.
The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp, Kathi Appelt. More Speculative Fiction.
The Water Castle,  Megan Frazer Blakemore. I got the NOOK form of this SF.
The Pet Project: Cute and Cuddly Vicious Verses, Lisa Wheeler. The next poetry book. I'm alternating chapters of the anthology with these picture books.

And a book club book:

A Kiss at MidnightA Kiss at Midnight, Eloisa James. NOOK. This is actually the alt-alt-pick for the Vaginal Fantasy April books. The other two books both include a rape scene (Deerskin and   Daughter of the Forest) so they gave another choice. I've already read both of those (I highly recommend Deerskin and I liked Daughter of the Forest), so I'll try the new one.

This means I now have 44 things out on my library cards, including ebooks. I'll go share my Library Loot at the event co-hosted by Claire from the Captive Reader and Linda from Silly Little Mischief where all the library addicts compare their treasures.

Book credits banked: Eleven (Usually I reward myself by buying a book if my library total is less than my age, but since I can't actually buy anything right now I'm counting up these credits.)

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